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Avansite is a full service eCommerce solution provider, we specialize in digital marketing, web analytics, paid media (Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media platforms), email marketing solutions and automation, websites’ optimization, and on-site/off-site search engine optimization.

For more than 15 years we have helped our partners to grow and increase their online business presence based on data-driven decisions, innovative solutions, efficient advertising campaigns, and thoughtful and thorough SEO.

All-in-one eCommerce Team

More than 15 years of experience in business analysis, marketing, development, and promotion of our customer’s eCommerce projects. We can offer a project team to start and develop your project, or a dedicated team to evolve and maintain, or an outsourced specialist in the area of your project's interest.

Project Manager, Business Analyst

Web Developer, Software Engineer, Graphic Designer

SEO Expert, Copywriter

Digital Marketing Manager, PPC and SMM Expert

Our Expertise

eCommerce Business Analytics and Research

We help to monitor, analyze and improve data-driven decision-making processes. Web analytics aims to improve online presence, and business analytics helps to improve the project as a whole.

Collecting data and monitoring our competition environment on the web.

  • Collecting and analyzing data on KPI from different databases and sources to search for trends and patterns. Making grounded decisions and creating tasks for other areas based on data obtained.
  • Collecting and analyzing data from website performance such as traffic and traffic sources, pageviews, bounce rates, time spent on the pages, entry and exit pages, conversions, funnel behavior and many others.
  • Customer behavior analysis, customer segmentation.
  • Improving business processes within a web project.
  • Improving communication between project participants.
  • Maximizing product performance (selling more items with better outcome).
  • Predictions and performance forecasts for new developments and operations, reveal valuable trends and insights.
  • Behavior and actions of competitors research, their strategies and advantages.
  • Market price tracking.
  • Research for perspective market niches and promotion tools.

Digital Marketing

Making important decisions of website development direction, strategy, digital marketing decisions and evolution based on data, analytics and experiments.

eCommerce website design, development, and maintenance should be based on professional and integrated strategy.

  • Digital Marketing strategies based on analytics, research and company’s business processes.
  • eCommerce projects development plan from scratch: concept, UI/UX, design, programming, etc.
  • Landing pages design, logic and development according to the project's tasks for advertising needs.
  • Advertising campaigns development, SEO guides.
  • Email marketing concept, annual planning, design, and content.

Innovative Web Development

Developing and making important decisions of website development direction, strategy, web-marketing decisions and evolution based on data, analytics and experiments.

eCcommerce website design, development and maintenance.

  • E-commerce websites development from scratch.
  • Your existing solution can be revised, updated, and redesigned without losing any traffic and existing search engine positions.
  • Server-side performance optimization.
  • Database queries performance monitoring and optimization.
  • Front-end optimization according to Google Page speed insights and Core web vitals (with benefits both for users and SEO).
  • Accessibility audit and compliance.
  • PCI DSS compliance.
  • GDRP and CCPA compliance.
  • Adaptive design and development for mobile devices.
  • Keeping codebase compatible with current versions of software. flawless process of day-to day tasks: bug fixes, updates.
  • SEO-related features development and maintenance. Development of custom SEO-related tools.
  • Email-related features to support better design and deliverability of transactional emails.
  • Email-marketing related features development and maintenance.
  • Product feeds export, scripts for data feeds’ import support and maintenance.
  • Constant new features development required for the project, for example:
    • Business logic and processes related features (i.e. flexible shipment & delivery schedule, coupons, tracking, etc.)
    • Improvement and upgrade of subsystems, i.e. making of image-handling code with support of different formats, resolutions and de-duplication (also better for performance and SEO).
    • Funnel processes and checkout improvements: UI, code base, speed, tracking events etc.
    • Improved system of follow-up emails for triggered actions on the website (abandoned carts, etc.)
    • Maintenance of search server (upgrades, data import, queries, front-end support).
    • Front-end maintenance and redesign required for the project: UI/UX, code base, speed, tracking events etc.
  • Development and maintenance of order fulfillment systems.

Web Server Administration and Security

  • Web and mail services set-up, monitoring and maintenance.
  • Keeping packages up-to-date.
  • Hardware and OS upgrades.
  • Database maintenance.
  • Threat monitoring.
  • Applying security patches.
  • Maintenance of network and application firewalls.
  • Attack and intrusion detection.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Analytics monitoring, Google Search Console check, fetch and render in GSC.
  • Constant keywords research, positions, search profile, new keywords search.
  • Constant competitors research, their positions, search profile and dynamics.
  • Constant website audit and fixes, ongoing on-page website optimization.
  • Optimization of title tags, meta descriptions, image alt and title tags.
  • Broken link audit, internal linking.
  • Outbound linking, link building.
  • Toxic backlink audit and disavow.
  • Tasks and requirements for content management in context of SEO.
  • Constant monitoring, analysis and correction of content management and link building efforts.

Web Promotion

Pay Per Click advertising management. Creation, management and analysis PPC advertising on the web, including Google and Bing, Social Media Management and Ads.

Building and evolving Email Marketing campaigns, and Content management for eCommerce websites.

  • Research: keywords research, competitors benchmarking and research.
  • Campaigns strategy development, mobile strategy management.
  • Developing campaigns and managing Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads.
  • Campaign audit.
  • Eliminate irrelevant traffic.
  • Intelligent budget pacing and bid pacing, increasing click through rate, decreasing Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion.
  • Keywords expansion and cleanup.
  • Performance-based bid management.
  • Ads A/B testing, keywords A/B testing.
  • Remarketing campaigns creation, managing and analysis.
  • Content management for e-commerce websites
    • Unique texts and articles writing.
    • SEO descriptions of products, categories, manufacturers.
    • Photos management (searching, buying and editing) for websites.
  • Email Marketing
    • Building annual communication strategy and plan based on history data and experience.
    • Development, design and layout of all email newsletters (about 80 per year).
    • Development of automation and personification algorithms.
    • Monitoring and analysis of email communication results.
    • Сonstant development of means and methods of communication, new practices implementation.
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